Mobile Apps Design Trends for 2015 (part 2)

January 1, 2015

There are literally a few hours before 2015! This means we still have some time to learn what will be hot in the next year.  Let’s continue discovering mobile apps design trends (here’s our previous post about colors of 2015). Actually, it is some kind of re-discovering, because most of the trends have already been evident, but will reach full force in 2015.

  1. Bigger and better images

In 2014, we saw a lot of large, high-quality images in app designs. Thanks to free, unique stock image sites, as well as faster broadband speeds, the images were higher quality and even more unique. Humans are visual creatures, and in 2015 we’ll see more big and beautiful images.

  1. Swipe, swipe, swipe!

The screen is not only a touch target but also a gesture target. Touching and gesture capabilities, as well as more gesture-based actions, will dominate in apps design. Swipe gestures are usually used to go back, reach the menu, or trigger actions such as sharing, liking or deleting items. This allows for a quicker, more efficient, and comfortable experience for hand gestures since a larger area of the screen is used for a function.

  1. Semi-flat and material design

With the high emphasis on the UI in Apple, Google and Microsoft, the minimalist approach to flat design will continue to take centre stage in 2015. This trend will adapt for desktops, mobile devices and even wearable techs. On the other hand material design, although still an emerging trend, seems to have quite a powerful influence.

  1. Hand-drawn illustrations

This is a bolder prediction because we’ve seen small illustrations pop-up throughout the years. But with large imagery, strong font and pleasing colors becoming standard, designers will look to differentiate with the designs that take hard work: unique hand-drawn illustrations.

  1. Water colours and hand-lettered fonts

Whether it’s lettering or logo mark design, there are a steady number of designers experimenting with picking up the paint brush and dipping it in water and ink. We’ll see plenty of pale washed out colours with that random organic blotchy aesthetic in 2015. In particular, brush pen style and hand lettered fonts.

  1. Magical realism

The company Magic Leap captured our imagination this year and reassured us that today developers are able to generate images indistinguishable from real objects and then place those images seamlessly into the real world. Technology, wonder, and Dr. Seuss dreams align to make imagination real! We predict that more magic will make its way into 2015 designs.

  1. Monoline Style

Another trend that we expect to see gain popularity in 2015 is the “monoline” style. This is using one line thickness throughout the design. This style can be used in typography and in illustrations. It has a very graphic and clean look to it. When combining typography and illustration together with this style, everything seems unified because of the same line thickness used throughout. Many designers are starting to use this style in icon design, illustrations, and apparel design. Also, this style works well when using just one color with the design.

Let us know, in the comments, any additional trends that you believe should be included because they will be prominent in 2015!