April 20, 2014

Let’s Make an Impact on Global Happiness!

Take a minute and try to remember the last time you felt happy.

Perhaps everybody will put a different meaning into this term, but for me this is the moment when you suddenly realize that you like everything around you. And you don’t need to explain to yourself what it means. You just know that you are a happy person. I call it a state of absolute satisfaction – you are fully content with who you are, where you are, what you are doing and who is near you.

I remember having this feeling when I was a kid and my dad pulled me and my twin sister on a sledge at a furious speed—I struggled to hold on to the sled, never stopped laughing, and sleet was pouring under my collar making me freeze and scream even louder. Or when on a warm summer night I was lying on a big rock in the middle of Crimea together with my friends from camp, looking at the sky, drinking homemade wine and talking about nothing. Or when I got my first job, or finished drawing an oil painting for my nephew, or swam in the San Francisco Bay, or—in recent moments—a  home-party together with friends.

There are a lot of happy moments in our lives and we just have to learn to recognize them. The interesting thing here is that once the happy situation is finished (for example, the party is over) you get back to your normal life and you may realize that you are not fully happy with that life. You become worried about tomorrow’s meeting, an appointment with a doctor, or your to-do list. And this is a tricky situation—nothing has changed in your life but you’ve stopped feeling happy.

Thinking happy makes us significantly happier and we just need to recall such happy moments more often. I believe that our new project will help you with this.

I am proud to introduce you the BeHppy—your personal happy place where you may inspire and get inspired by anonymous users from around the world.

I am really happy that our team had a chance to work on this project and I hope it will help you to recall and share small and big happy moments in your life and feel happier every day.

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