New Project: Liga iPad App – Legislation for Ukrainian Lawyers

January 22, 2013

Today is a big day for all Ukrainian lawyers: Ukrainian Law iPad application is released! This app has been created in close cooperation with our client Liga – information and consulting portal for specialists in law, finance and economics.

It contains all the law database required for everyday work. Intuitive interface and easy-to-use design make this app essential for everyone who needs instant access to legislation database anytime, everywhere. Thousands of codes, laws, acts, decrees are available  through easy search query.

Daily updates allow not to miss new legislations and those which are not passed yet, find all the information about concrete issue, add comments and even have access to the database in offline mode.

You can download the app from the App Store 

Currently we are preparing Android Tablet version for release, be patient and soon it will be available. Stay tuned!