IT Services Essentials & 2018 Trends

July 31, 2018


In less than a decade, web and mobile gradually became the omnipresent force that defines human interaction and business success. If a company is not present online, a customer will doubt their existence, and modern competition is harsher still. IT services provide an overarching solution by supplying businesses with new software tools and technologies, as well as providing support from start to finish. What are IT services, and what solutions do they offer to ongoing enterprise issues? How much has changed over the last few years? Let’s look at the current state of the critically important service.

What Are The Aspects Of Professional IT Services

IT services converge business and tech expertise to help enterprises create, manage, and optimise business processes and Big Data. Every sizeable enterprise has an IT department, and one of the overarching tasks their experts face is developing and following an IT strategy.

In most cases, a strategy calls for creating at least one custom software solution. Development of IT solutions requires a business to comply with all the internal and external laws, policies, and regulations, as well as brings benefits to every side what will be impacted by the solution. IT services branch off into three overarching areas: design, development, and support and management of IT solutions.

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General Enterprise IT services

The list of general IT services has mostly remained unchanged over the years:

  • Software – production, support, and maintenance
  • Authentication
  • Systems management
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data storage, warehouses, and management
  • Network monitoring, management, and security

These services are aimed at three areas: business processes, enterprise application services, and enterprise infrastructure. When a company outsources IT services, these services are referred to as business process outsourcing (BPO), applications outsourcing (AO), and infrastructure outsourcing (IO). There are also managed IT services — when a business requests additional support for their IT department from a software development company, usually as a part of IT consulting. Managed IT services are often called smart IT services.

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The benefits of managed IT services lie in delegating technically complex and routine tasks to dedicated experts. This saves time (in the short-term perspective) and costs (in the tlong term). Additionally, a business obtains on-demand consultants who are always ready to tackle emergencies and advise on the IT development strategy.

Core IT Services and Where They Are Going in 2018

Essential lT solutions include system development, infrastructure consultations, system solutions, web and marketing, support and service desk, and cloud services. Still, it is important to understand that core IT services are not enough for a business today. Enterprises need to continuously implement, manage, and update emerging technologies to stay competitive. This calls for new IT services.

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An excerpt from Gartner’s report on IT Services


The new types of IT services focus on the following technologies:

  • Blockchain technology
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing

As for business value, private blockchains will help your business achieve higher data security, automate key operations with smart contracts, as well as opens a wide range of possibilities for a your company. AR technology leverages dedicated headsets and mobile devices to elevate the efficiency of your key operations and assist in cutting costs with 3D prototypes, meetings in AR, and enterprise training software, among other things.

AI-based algorithms like machine learning and deep learning can help you automate operations, gain insights from Big Data, and ensure fail-safe decision making. Usually part of smart IT services, the solutions with latest tech also include IoT devices in custom IoT ecosystems that continuously monitor operations, gathering Big Data. This allows you to streamline the monitored operations, gain spot-on insights, and improve employee decision-making.  

Cloud Computing became an inevitable part of the IT managed services. Using Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud solutions, an enterprise environment accomplishes flexibility, scalability, and connectivity. This relates to business application development and moving business operations to to the cloud. Finally, large firms have to comply with numerous international and cross-industry regulations. PSP backend system integration allows for solid payment processing. Blockchain-based solutions prevent money laundering and introduce greater transparency. Meanwhile, AI-based solutions automate securities trading.

A Profile of a Software Development Firm You Can Trust

You can find your reliable IT services company by the following markers:

  • At least 5 years on the IT services market
  • Expertise in the issue you need to solve
  • Flexible approach and procedural openness

The many ratings of consulting firms like will give you a good understanding of IT services for business. Such companies are a solid first stop for evaluating your prospective software outsourcing firm. Those that score high have earned their reputation within a community and collected an outstanding track record of deliverables for companies, as well as gratitude from their managers, displayed in reviews. Next, get to know these leaders: what products have they built and for what companies? What IT services do they prioritize? Do they approach the problem from one side or create an all-embracing strategy?

After all, a company you can rely on will ensure a smooth transition to IT services solutions it has built for you. An ideal software development firm will follow up on its deliverables, include 24/7 support, and conduct further meetings with the client regarding a broader strategy. This is a foundation for a long-term partnership and a guarantee of customer loyalty.

Final Thoughts — Enterprise IT Services

A company always needs to consider the development and improvement of IT services management to stay ahead of the competition. While following the evolution of IT services and continuously training the staff is important, it is crucial to hire professional IT services firm to help prepare your business for the adoption of new technologies, methodologies, and tools.

If a business follows this strategy, a company can achieve greater business processes optimisation, improve HR management, and always rely on their software solutions, among many other benefits.

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