Our Team Takes the Stage to Inspire iOS Developers at HOTCODE Conference

April 12, 2013

Shortly, the first multi-disciplinary conference for developers from Ukraine and other European countries will take place in Kyiv, on May 31, 2013 – June 1, 2013. The main idea behind the event is to inspire and boost professional growth of software developers across all platforms.

Our leading iOS developer Pavel Taykalo will present a stage talk on iOS Code Injection For Fun & Profit. The main idea of injection is to update your application without the need of its recompilation. So, you can alter your application code/behaviour while it’s running.

This feature is often available in Script languages, but can hardly be implemented in compiled languages, such as Objective-C. So, the goal (profit) is to decrease the time that you need wait before your changes will be visible.

In his Presentation Pavel will demonstrate the ways how to perform injections, and specify the cases, when it’s good idea to use injection, and cases, when it’s not. Also, he will inform the audience about the tools that will help to perform injection and how can these tool might affect development cycle.

I think that this conference is not only a great opportunity to understand what your level in any development technology, but also a chance to hear about the latest trends and solutions that you might have missed 🙂 It’s always a pleasure to meet professional with bright minds and fresh ideas. I’m excited to share my presentation and my ideas with the international community of iOS developers.
~ Pavel Taykalo, Head of iOS Unit


HOTCODE Conference – the conference will serve as the intersection of professional interests of developers of different disciplines gathering more than 1,000 representatives of a technological community. The organizers already have 11 successful IT-conferences in their portfolio and this time they promise to please participants by internal events: conference theme and Hackaton dodje, team/individual games, and engaging quests. Follow the conference news at facebook.com/hotcode.orgtwitter.com/hotcodecon

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