Intellectsoft is a Top Software & Technology Services Provider in California

July 9, 2019

Over the years, Intellectsoft has firmly established a substantial presence on the U.S. market, delivering impactful software and digital technology solutions to the country’s leading enterprises, SMBs, and startups. Our efforts and their impact on our clients’ businesses has not gone unnoticed. 

For the second straight year, we have been named a top B2B provider of software and technology development services in California state, according to a Washington-based B2B services ratings and review firm Clutch. We have gained the same recognition in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, and Connecticut. 

Clutch’s ranking featured over 450 companies in the U.S. The analysis is based on factors like ability to deliver high-quality work to their clients, quality of customer service, and the variety of solutions and clients in the portfolio.

One of our recent projects for the U.S. market involved helping a Santa Barbara-based company Adero build a unique Consumer IoT (Internet of Things) product that helps users keep track of their personal possessions at all times. 

Shortly after the launch, it quickly gained recognition from users and a top tech publication Fast Company, who put Adero beside Apple, Google, and other tech giants in their list of the Most Innovative Companies of 2019 (Consumer Electronics segment).

 “Smart devices were supposed to make our lives better.  However, over the past decade we’ve discovered that users are quickly becoming overwhelmed in this overly-connected blue-chip stuffed IoT driven world,” said Adero’s Chief Executive Officer Nate Kelly. “More apps to manage, more devices to keep an eye on, more cords to untangle and remember about—it’s way too much! Adero is giving the users  an opportunity to passively manage and keep track of their essentials in a non-invasive way that allows for confidence and a peace of mind for our customers. Our system of tags, effectively “taking care” of the items,” freeing consumers’ minds to focus on more rewarding matters. Without Intellectsoft’s expertise, getting a product of this quality to market, especially within the outlined time constraints, would have been nearly impossible.”

We also helped Guest Services, hospitality management services provider that has been operating in the U.S. for over 100 years, streamline their food service management with a web portal for the company’s chefs. The multi-functional solution allows them to create comprehensive recipes and labels with nutrition facts and lists of allergens in a matter of minutes. 

“Guest Services is very happy with the Chef Recipe & Menu web portal developed by Intellectsoft,” said Steve Jacobs, Director of Information Technology at Guest Services. “  Intellectsoft’s designers and programmers communicated directly with our Chefs and Nutritionists and developed a program that works very well for our company. Our Chefs at restaurants, cafeterias, and other dining facilities throughout the US can create recipes, labels, and menus on a common web-based platform.”

As a result, the company improved their operations and further solidified their leading positions in the U.S. hospitality management services market.