Intellectsoft Named #1 App Developer in Ukraine and Belarus on Clutch

July 3, 2018

Over 10 years of operation, Intellectsoft has earned a reputation of delivering impactful and wide-ranging software solutions to Fortune 500 companies and SMBs. Our dedicated team, mobile-first approach to software, and a strong focus on the latest tech have allowed our clients’ to lower operational costs, and increase efficiency, and strengthen their brands. We strongly value the clients that we have previously helped and the awards received over the years. The company continues to move forward, grow, and earn more recognition: we are happy to announce that Intellecsoft has become the number one app developer in Belarus and Ukraine.

On its listings of top mobile app development agencies in Belarus and Ukraine, the Washington-based consulting company clutch Clutch listed Intellectsoft as the top firm, while sister website The Manifest featured us among the premier mobile app development companies in the world. The methodology that the two business insight companies used to evaluate software development companies comprises a host of data, from scoring market presence and previous experience to collecting client reviews on service and experience. The extensive analysis of data underlying the rankings that Clutch and The Manifest produce attests our reputability and reliability of our software solutions, and we are very appreciative of this recognition.

Beyond what the two Washington, D.C.-based companies have to say about Intellectsoft, we also are happy to share some of the feedback that our previous clients have left on our Clutch profile. More than 20 reviews from our clients detail their experience collaborating with us.

It was flawless,” raved one client about the quality of our project management. “As a result, the platform was launched on time and within our budget. I didn’t expect that kind of involvement from a third-party software development company. It was as if we had an in-house team of extremely motivated people.”

“Once the project started, the workflow was excellent, and we had good back-and-forth communication with Intellectsoft’s team. They have some very professional people working for the company. Our timetables were kept, and I enjoyed the overall experience,” shared another client. “I’m really happy with them, and I’m ready to do more work with Intellectsoft.”

You may find other detailed reviews sharing clients’ thoughts on our the solutions we provided and the process of their implementation, project management and communication styles, and more on Clutch. Intellectsoft highly appreciates the relationships that we have cultivated with our clients, past and current, the reputation for creating reliable and impactful software that we have earned over the years, and the recognition from Clutch, The Manifest, and our clients for our services and partnership. We look forward to continuing our collaborations with future clients on opportunities to come.

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