Intellectsoft Partner Adero is Ranked Among World’s Most Innovative Companies

March 21, 2019


Palo Alto, California, March 21, 2019  – Intellectsoft, a boutique digital transformation consultancy that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions for global companies and emerging technology leaders, today announced that its solutions helped Adero earn a place on Fast Company’s list of “Most Innovative Companies 2019.” Adero has taken the top 10 spot in the Consumer Electronics category alongside Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Dell.

For more than  a year now Intellectsoft has been a trusted development partner for Adero’s first product, the intelligent organization system. Positioned at the intersection of consumer electronics, hardware, the internet of things (IoT), mobile, software, and wireless, Adero offers customers a simple but smart solution for organizing belongings of different sizes. The system consists of small tracking devices, parent trackers, and a custom mobile app. Users place the parent beacon (called a Smart Tag) on a bag, the smaller trackers (called Taglets) on the belongings they usually put in that bag, and then register the bag and its tags in the mobile app. When a user leaves something from the bag behind, the app sends a notification after communicating with trackers. The bags, trackers, and notifications can be organized by the user in the app.

A solution to the ever-present problem of the busy modern lifestyle, Adero’s product was challenging to bring to life successfully. Adero got in touch with Intellectsoft to tap into the company’s wide-ranging expertise in Mobile, IoT, and Cloud and make their innovative idea a reality. Closely working with the Adero team on- and off-site in Santa Barbara, CA, Intellectsoft brought its extensive expertise and technical standards in iOS and Android apps MVP architecture, AWS, and microservices management. Intellectsoft’s IoT engineers have created a mobile solution and established fail-safe communication between the app, the parent trackers, and the smaller tracking devices, ensuring a successful release of Adero’s product to the public. Shortly after launching, Adero made it to Fast Company’s list of the world’s leading innovation companies.

Michael Minkevich, CEO of Intellectsoft, commented: “Innovative products and devices excite us and make our lives easier and better. Under the hood, truly innovative solutions also demand a lot of hard work, serious technical skills, dedication, creativity and much more — not only to bring to life, but also to consistently and successfully deliver on their promise. As Adero’s premier engineering partner, we are honored to have had the opportunity to bring all these necessary skills to the company’s product and help Adero receive such high praise from both the top tech media and the consumers. Intellectsoft is always focused on helping emerging leaders like Adero get a solid foothold in the competitive tech world by making their innovative efforts materialise, tick all the necessary boxes, and exceed expectations.”

“Smart devices were supposed to make our lives better but we’ve discovered over the past decade that connecting anything and everything possible to the Internet is adding to our burden instead of alleviating it,” said Adero’s Chief Executive Officer Nate Kelly. “More apps to manage, more devices to keep an eye on, more cords to untangle—it’s too much. Adero is giving your essentials awareness and intelligence to keep track of themselves so you don’t have to. We’re transferring the anxiety from you to our system of tags, effectively telling them to “take care of this bag” and “take care of the essentials in this bag,” freeing your mind to focus on what matters most. Without Intellectsoft’s expertise, getting this product to market would have been nearly impossible.”

About Adero

Adero (formerly known as TrackR) is a Santa Barbara, CA-based technology company that provides an intelligent organization system aiming to end the stress and chaos that comes with managing your things. Powered by Bluetooth technology, and made easy with an intuitive app, Adero’s Smart Tagging system enables your life’s essentials to manage and keep track of themselves.