Intellectsoft Launches Hardware Design Within Its Internet Of Things (IoT) Lab

February 6, 2019

Palo Alto, California — February 7, 2019 – Intellectsoft, a boutique digital transformation consultancy that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions for global companies and emerging technology leaders, today announced the launch of a new offering within its Internet Of Things (IoT) Lab – Hardware Design, which previously focused only on custom software engineering services for connected devices, smart infrastructure, and industrial IoT systems.

Selecting the best chip sets, boards, most optimal modularity, and cloud integration option are the cornerstones of a properly functioning IoT ecosystem. Hardware design is a complex and vast market, which aside from intricacies of hardware, is also connected to all aspects of software development and algorithm engineering for embedded software. This market also spans across multiple domains, such as healthcare, wearables, fitness, industrial equipment, security, environmental control, and many others, which must be grasped for an IoT project to be a true success.

Having extensive expertise in these domains, coupled with solid knowledge of underlying technologies and architectures, Intellectsoft will help enterprise clients with an array of hardware design services, including rapid prototyping for market testing, custom firmware development, algorithm optimization to eliminate constraints to bandwidth, battery life and computing power, as well as AI on the edge. The services will span smart wearables, security cameras, health monitoring devices, environmental sensors, and many other smart devices.

Michael Minkevich, CEO of Intellectsoft, commented: “There is a reason why old “Hardware is Hard” cliche stuck around – building a successful hardware business producing sustainable relevant products is hard! However, correctly built hardware is not going anywhere and it gives the entire Internet-of-Things universe its ultimate raison d’être. We are very excited to add hardware design capability since it naturally extends  our current core services and allows us to cover the entire IoT technology stack from the “things” to the network edge, cloud platforms, and various mobile devices. Flawless hardware is a crucial environment for embedded software to thrive in. With this new service Intellectsoft can help our clients significantly reduce cost and time-to-market of development of complex large scale IoT applications.”

Focused efforts in hardware design will allow Intellectsoft to deliver more comprehensive solutions to enterprise clients: vast sensor-driven IoT ecosystems for the manufacturing clients, smart hotel platforms for the next-generation hospitality experiences, high-precision health monitoring systems, and other state of the art solutions.

About IoT Lab

Intellectsoft IoT Lab offers turnkey design services for all aspects of embedded software development of connected sensor applications from initial prototype and design for manufacturing to firmware development, order fulfillment and quality control. IOT engineers create architectures, help design sensors, build cloud infrastructure – carefully orchestrating alliances between desired hardware and software that will run on it. Most importantly, true to its IS360 model, Intellectsoft handles all challenges connected to integration into the existing technology stack for a complete custom solution and flawless performance.