Intellectsoft to Co-Host the First Blockchain Conference Built for Reengineering Enterprise Trust

June 12, 2018

Intellectsoft will co-host Blockchain: Rethink Trust conference at Amsterdam’s historic venue Beurs van Berlage on June 29, 2018. The visitors of the 1-day event will have a chance to hear keynotes from IBM’s Christopher Ferris and ING’s Mariana Gómez de la Villa, as well as from speakers leading Coinbase, BANKEX, Zededa, Bosch, We.Trade, and other enterprises. The conference’s organizers are By the Bay, Intellectsoft (as represented by the Blockchain Lab, our standalone enterprise-grade consultancy and development unit), as well as Provectus.

Rethink Trust is the first blockchain technology conference built on the principles of enterprise applicability according to existing business verticals and engineering excellence. The event will question what traditional mechanisms of trust that underpin the enterprise of today can be replaced by computational systems of tomorrow.

The conference will provide the answer by gathering top engineers, industry leaders, C-level executives, and blockchain enthusiasts, and serve as vast platform for discussions. Paired with keynotes from the industry’s top experts, the visitors of the conference will also solidify their knowledge of the latest enterprise blockchain practices.

The event is a natural continuation of a successful series of By the Bay conferences that look at the core of blockchain technology and explore its business use cases. Intellectsoft have partnered with this Silicon valley organization to bring emerging technologies to Europe. This year’s conference will cover topics like integration of blockchain across key industries and its adoption in various organizational systems, the properties of blockchain protocols, and the aspects of distributed systems in Big Data, IoT, and AI. The main focus of the conference is re-engineering enterprise trust networks through blockchain technology.

The Speakers of the Blockchain Conference

  • Christopher Ferris, CTO of Open Technology at IBM (Keynote I).
  • Mariana Gómez de la Villa, Global Program Manager Distributed Ledger Technology at ING (Keynote II). Read the interview with Mariana.
  • Christopher Georgen, co-founder and CEO of Topl, will share what it takes for “Developing a blockchain for development.”
  • Yonatan Sompolinsky, co-founder of DAGlabs, will talk about “Bridging the gap between untrusting devs and trust-seeking users.” Read the interview with Yonatan.
  • Ana Trbovich, Grid Singularity Co-Founder & Energy Web Foundation Council Member, will offer an overview of open source blockchain for the energy industry. Read the interview with Ana.
  • Michael Egorov, CTO and co-founder of NuCypher. His topic is “NuCypher KMS: Uncensorable decentralized encryption service.” Read the interview with Michael.
  • Kristen Stone, Technical PM at Coinbase and Matthew Werner, Engineering Manager for Cryptocurrency Payment Systems at Coinbase, are going to discuss “Forks: Eroding the Trust Infrastructure of Blockchain.” Prior to the conference, Kristen has agreed to a short interview, too.
  • Roman Shaposhnik, VP Product & Strategy, co-founder of ZEDEDA Inc. Read the interview with Roman.
  • Alexander Vlasov, Senior Developer and CTO of Bankex Foundation, will deliver a speech on “Scaling blockchain in depth.”
  • Jonathan Levi, Creator of HACERA, will answer “What are the Actual Problems we solve with Blockchain.”
  • Adi Ben-Ari, Founder and CEO of Applied Blockchain.
  • Draltan Marin, CTO of the Unicorn Bay, will talk about a “Real-life use case for proxy re-encryption in the context of the Unicorn Bay solution.”

Besides, Rethink Trust will hold a panel discussion under the topic “The Future of Business Blockchain,” which will led by:

  • Nik Scharmann, Project Director of the R&D project “Economy of Things” at Robert Bosch.
  • Roberto Mancone, COO at Innovation DAC. Read the interview with Roberto.
  • Clara Durodie, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Finance, is going to discuss a shifting paradigm in global finance that DLTs facilitate.
  • Rashid Hoosenally, Сo-Founder and CEO of Lacero.
  • Nick Kurat, Director at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab.

Workshops of the Blockchain Conference:

— The most effective engineering practices for enterprise blockchains

— Integrating Hyperledger for distributed enterprise trust systems

— Decentralized consensus for consortiums

— Secure and correct implementation of enterprise consensus and smart contracts

— Granular private data and distributed privacy management

Workshop lecturers include:

  • Workshop 1: Arnaud Le Hors (Senior Technical Staff Member of Web & Blockchain Open Technologies at IBM ) — Hyperledger Fabric
  • Workshop 2: Tim Kozak (Head of Technology at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab) and Nick Kurat (Director at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab) — Valuable Insights And Decision Making Points In Choosing Blockchain Technologies For Your Business
  • Workshop 3: Nick Edmonds (CTO and Co-Founder of Topl) — Blockchain in Scala
  • Workshop 4:  Yuri Vizitei (CTO of Provectus) — DeNA Framework: Trustless Cooperation Within and Between Enterprises. Utilizing Blockchain With Other Complementary Technologies

Alexy Khrabrov, the Program Chair of the blockchain conference, has also summarized the program in his blog.

The Host Sponsor of the blockchain conference is IBM.

General sponsors are By the Bay, Intellectsoft, and Provectus.

Sponsors also include Topl, Applied Blockchain, and Kadena.

Hyperledger is the Community Partner.


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