Intellectsoft at Dreamforce 2015: Highlights From Our Week Out West

September 25, 2015

One of the most unique aspects of working for a global organization such as Intellectsoft is the fact that some of your closest colleagues could literally be working a continent away. As a result, it’s always cause for celebration when we can invite teammates from every office into a single space.

Intellectsoft Team

In this particular instance, however, it’s fair to say that no one was more excited than our Minsk-based marketing specialist Ekaterina Musabaeva. After winning the raffle at a company outing late last month, she was shocked to learn that her first ever visit to the U.S. would be as one of our Dreamforce presenters. Here she is (presumably) emailing her friends about all the strange sights she encountered on her first San Francisco commute.

Hi Kate!

The conference served as much more than a teambuilding opportunity, of course, as there was serious business to attend to. In truth,  our attendance at Dreamforce actually marked a significant milestone in our company’s growth. And like every other tradeshow exhibitor, we entered Day One nervously hoping that everything would go according to plan.

Early Nerves

Luckily, those early nerves didn’t last long. We quickly found ourselves in good company, surrounded by a number of mobile maniacs who spoke our language and shared our passion.


Even as we branched out from the booth and started walking the floor, mobile and analytics seemed to be on everyone’s mind. Salesforce certainly did it’s share, sparking development dreams with a deeper explanation of all the intuitive tools inside its updated Lightning platform. And our party-hosting partners over at Swrve were impressing even the most demanding data geeks with their predictive capabilities.

SF Party

So as we sat down for drinks at Natoma Cabana,  most of us were too wired to relax. Instead, we found ourselves weighing the day’s ideas — and wondering which ones might ultimately propel us to new heights by the time we return for Dreamforce 2016.