Intellectsoft and Elafris Announce Partnership to Synergize Expertise in FinTech & Insurance Space

May 14, 2019

Palo Alto, California — May 15, 2019 – Intellectsoft, a boutique digital transformation consultancy providing cutting-edge engineering solutions for global companies and emerging technology leaders, today announced a partnership with one of the AI and RPA leading brands in financial technology industry – Elafris.  Through synergistic combination of innate expertise, this alliance is enabled to deliver high-quality solutions for the insurance industry, helping providers perform digital transformation of their operations in an impactful and meaningful way.

Michael Minkevich, CEO of Intellectsoft, commented: “ Premier customer service, in-line with requirements of the 21-st century when customer audiences define which company should stay in business, is achieved through premier digital culture. Correctly and timely placed digital enhancements not only help insurance companies reduce underwriting risks, they also reduce friction in the B2C ecosystem, capturing more revenues while providing enjoyable, effective customer experience. We are very pleased to have forged this alliance between our companies.  Elafris and Intellectsoft, being ingrained in the sector and following currently-trending innovation, have rich experience working with enterprise customers and deep understanding of emerging technologies, existing enterprise ecosystems, and institutional and retail consumer preferences.”

Intellectsoft has many years of experience serving the segment.  Just recently, utilizing its proprietary IS360 framework, it helped Sweden’s top insurance provider EuroAccident perform impactful digital transformation with a mobile and cloud solution. The company’s expertise also includes wide-ranging projects with several major U.S. insurers. End-to-end solutions delivered by Intellectsoft automate, simplify, and consolidate all aspects of insurance process, which now can be experienced on any device.  Intellectsoft also has been providing chatbot solutions to an industry-leading eyewear company and a top U.S. basketball team, among others.

Elafris platform enables insurance providers automate and simplify premium collection, claim management, and reminders; use social data to reduce underwriting exposure; investigate information on social media for claims; offer mobile payments via Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, PayPal, and other popular systems.

Jake Diner, CEO of Elafris, commented: “The platform is aimed at helping insurers improve sales, reduce service costs, and improve customer satisfaction by introducing useful and meaningful digital technology. Elafris has a diverse client and partner portfolio, whose work and products are aimed at re-invigorating the insurance process. Synergies between Elafris and Intellectsoft deliver deep expertise to our clients in FinTech and Insurance space.  This alliance will enable successful progression along digital transformation by engineering vision for the business though the means of Blockchain / smart contracts, AI/ML, UX/UI, and XR technologies and seamlessly integrating it into the existing infrastructure of startups and generations-old providers alike.”

About Elafris

Elafris is a trailblazer for the integration of artificial intelligence with customer communications. Tailored specifically for the needs of banking and insurance industries, Elafris’ messenger chatbots are precisely designed to meet the needs of companies that want to keep in step with the expectations of today’s consumer.

Founded by FinTech and IT veterans, Elafris offers unparalleled expertise when it comes to understanding how to blend the needs of digital and mobile-focused consumers with the rigorous compliance requirements of the industry. Our technology enables our clients to move beyond emails and texts to the next-generation messaging platforms.