IDCEE Conference: Our Impressions

October 22, 2012

Last week our team attended IDCEE (Investor Day in Central and Eastern Europe) conference, which is held annualy in Kiev. This conference is dedicated to internet technologies and innovations and gathers internet entrepreneurs, VCs and angel investors.

Here are a couple of startups which impressed us the most:

  • Inventarium is a customer feedback tool for mobile  development companies. Clients can talk to company and describe a problem, suggest new features or just  say “Thank you” They can talk to each other to discuss topics and vote for them
  • is an online platform which uses an algorithm to analyze sense of humor and we provide people with personalized humorous content
  • KitApps is mobile app builder, specializing in apps for conferences. It builds native mobile apps with a pre-defined, step-by-step process that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Luybomyr (our CFO) have shared some thoughts:

  • IDCEE 2012 is a new step forward compare to IDCEE 2011. I was pleasantly surprised with a high level of startups. In general, IDCEE 2011 start-ups looked like this: “Here is my great product in beta version and look how cool it is !”
  • IDCEE 2012 start-ups were much more interesting: “Here is my working service, now we analyze users’ behavior, we believe we can make money from a, b, c…”
  • Promising startups discovered, new connections made. See you next year at IDCEE-2013!