How Mobile Apps Can Use Pebble?

July 6, 2014

Continuing the overview of Pebble smartwatch market we’d also like to go further and give examples of interesting ways that mobile apps can use smartwatches to provide their user with a better experience.

More than 400,000 Pebble users is quite a big number of potential customers you shouldn’t miss out on. So below are the examples of iOS and Android apps that expanded their area of interaction with users via the Pebble smartwatch.


We love this app for the brilliant execution of its three core functions – ‘Set Goals’, ‘Track Your Progress’ (real time or historically) and ‘Stay Motivated’. Both iOS and Android users can see their progress and control the process of their personal growth at any kind of sport whether it is running, bicycling, swimming or something else.

During the more than 5 years of its history Runkeeper has reached around 30M global smartphone users (as of March 2014) and on May 2013 they entered the smartwatch market releasing Pebble support. Why would such a relatively small market be interesting to them?

First of all, talking as far as problem solving, Pebble app helps to control the tracking process including Start and Pause functions on your watch so you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket each time you need to pause in your training. Is it all they wanted to reach?

Taking this step into consideration, we can assume that with the help of Pebble Runkeeper they can start to compete effectively in the wearable market with different activity trackers to expand their user base further.

I think the wrist is not their “weak” zone anymore.

Level Up

“BeautifulLab’s LevelUp app for Pebble is the next step forward in payment innovation. By enabling people to pay with their watch, we’ve reduced unnecessary steps in the transaction process and created perhaps the easiest way for people to pay for things,” said BeautifulLab Co-Founder, Tung Pham. According to the description of Level Up app a payment can be done in just one simple step via scanning QR code on your Pebble.

With over 1.5 million LevelUp account holders and over 8,000 businesses, LevelUp claims to be the largest mobile payment network in the US. And now it also gets the real chance to become the largest smartwatch payment network in general.


GoPro team continues to help us make even better action videos and this time they launched GoPro Pebble app which can act as a remote control for GoPro camera with wireless support.

Camera controller right on your wrist, what can be better? It’s good to know that the company thinks about you.


PebbleBucks links to your Starbucks account to show rewards status, payment credit, and drops your payment barcode right onto the face of your watch. You still aren’t in the habit of stopping for coffee each time you pass by Starbucks?!

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