How It Was: SFME Meetup “Insider Secrets to Educational Startups”

December 12, 2014

This December, the SF Mobile Entrepreneurs community once again gathered together to share ideas and gain insights!

Around 60 mobile enthusiasts joined us that evening to talk about  educational startups, and the topic turned out to be really hot!

How are innovative educational startups changing the way students learn and collaborate around the world, and what are the opportunities for new players on the market? These questions were to start an interesting discussion.

The first expert to share his insights was our special guest Michael Staton, Partner at Learn Capital. Michael gave a quick but thorough overview of the market, with numbers and analytics, outlining what opportunities it will bring in the near future. His investor’s perspective and recommendations for educational startups were extremely valuable.

The second, but not less interesting was presentation by Guido Kovalskys, CEO at Nearpod. He had a really great story to tell based on his experience of building a successful product (which has 1.5 million monthly active users!). His insight into different go-to-markets and monetization strategies was especially valuable.

Guido surprised everyone with his amazing interactive presentation, which was both insightful and engaging – meetupers could take a short quiz and test the product.

It was a great pleasure to hear so many questions to the speakers followed by active discussion!

Afterwards all guests enjoyed networking in a friendly atmosphere and having some delicious snacks, which made the evening not only useful and informative, but also tasty and enjoyable!

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