How to Get Your App Featured on the App Store

March 13, 2014

Since the very beginning, App Store has been surrounded with the cloud of mystery. How to distinguish your app among a million of other apps? How to win big in the App Store? How to get noticed and featured by Apple?

Along with the ideas for new apps these questions are very important for mobile app developers.

Unfortunately, there is NO single formula that will lead you to success in the App Store. But there are many things that mobile app developers can and must do increase their chances of being featured by Apple.

Many of the applications developed by Stanfy (WaterbalanceKinopoiskFood&WineBitehippo) have been featured by Apple and our only secret was building great products that would be loved by the users.

So, what does it take to get featured by Apple? Apple doesn’t provide an exact checklist and gives no guarantees. However, we’ve tried to summarize our own experience together with stories of other mobile app developers, and here is what we’ve come up with.

The magic formula for getting your app featured by Apple:

Make a great product + Get on Apple’s Radar

Most mobile app developers believe that if only they get noticed by Apple and listed in the U.S. Store, millions of dollars will start flowing to their pockets. How true is that? In their extensive report Distimo discerns some interesting trends in the App Store:

  1. Apps received a significant gain in ranking in the first three days after getting featured on the App Store with +27 ranks in the iPad App Store for iPad and +15 in the iPhone App Store.
  2. Looking at the whole period these applications were featured (seven days), the rank gains were more or less equal to the three days average in both Apple stores.
  3. Getting featured proved to be beneficial in the long run as well. The next five days after the featured period ends, a positive effect on the performance is still there and led to the average gains of +145% and +75% in the App Stores for iPad and iPhone respectively.

Well, definitely getting featured is a nice bump, that will definitely put your iOS mobile app on the map and bring resultsin the long run. So, when aiming at the top lists in the App Store, be prepared for a lot of work in building your product and don’t underestimate working on building relationship with Apple.

And good luck!

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