Golden State Warriors Chatbot Acquires 1 Million Users, as Team Wins NBA

June 18, 2018


Having recently won the NBA championship for the third time in the last four seasons, Golden State Warriors have once again сonfirmed they are the best basketball team of the modern age. The Warriors cemented the status with new records: the third-largest point differential in a single postseason in NBA history, and the highest postseason winning percentage during a four-year span in league history. On top of that, Kevin Durant won the 2018 NBA Finals MVP title for second year in a row, putting him in the company with Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James as the only players in NBA history to win Finals MVP in at least two-straight seasons.

The Warriors are the best basketball team of the modern age for one more reason: there is no other team that embraces new technologies so eagerly. The team was among the first in the league to install player tracking cameras in their home stadium to record everything a player does during the game, and uses this data to their advantage. The Warriors also plan to open a new arena in the Mission Bay Area of San Francisco for the 2019-2020 season — to deliver an all-around, world-class fan experience bolstered by technology innovation.

Warriors chatbot

Mobile is part of delivering that experience. The official Golden State Warriors sports app is already one of the best existing apps in the industry (see our list from last year for details). Still, according to the team’s owner Joe Lacob, the Warriors “try to integrate as much technology as possible,” because the the team has to “be on the cutting edge.”

This resulted in Intellectsoft’s collaboration with the Warriors to create a rich-featured Facebook chatbot that would quickly and easily provide their fans with all the information and content they want on their favorite team, and more.

The Official Golden State Warriors Chatbot

Closely collaborating with the Warriors, our team had delivered the chatbot a year and a half ago, continuously updating its functionality and helping almost 1,000,000 fans receive essential information on their favorite team.

The Golden State Warriors chatbot is a standalone solution linked to their official Facebook page. The bot’s design is based on the guided model: the users can conveniently swipe through home arena and team news, game information, and quickly buy items from the Warrior’s shop. Second, the users can type in essential one-word commands to call up corresponding content (for example, “score” will prompt the bot to share detailed information on the latest game).

Still, the most popular feature is live updates. When the team plays, the Warriors chatbot delivers notifications about key moments at the end of every quarter. The content is diverse and comes in various statistics, scoring notifications, videos, and other. As a result, the fans never miss out on anything about their favorite team’s game.

One of the latest features is a season-long quiz-like challenge for the fans. Upon engaging in it, the bot sends a user a series of questions before every game, prompting them to guess the outcome of a quarter, how much a player would score, and other. At a season’s end, the chatbot would reveal a table showing how much each participant scored. The top guesser wins an exclusive prize from the Warriors.

As Golden State Warriors is a team always open to continuous innovation, new Golden State Warriors chatbot features can be expected to arrive in the following seasons.

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