Food&Wine ─ Android Time!

September 4, 2012

Great news! Today we release a very sophisticated app ─ Food&Wine ─ designed for true wine connoisseurs and dedicated Android users.

In the first place, the application’s creation and concept was inspired by the famous sommelier Alexey Dmitriev. Together with Alexey we have worked hard to create a really useful and interesting app.

How it works: simply select what you’d like to eat, and the app will recommend wines that go best with your meal or vice versa. You could use this application in a restaurant to choose wine that pairs with your meal or take it to the grocery store to select food for your wine at home. The app contains just enough information to make good and quick choices.

Also, all selected wine and food are available in local markets and wine shops.

Dear Android wine&food lovers, get our new app here!