First Stanfy Mini Hackathon. Ideas + Team + Fun!

February 11, 2013

This Saturday we had our first mini hackathon in Stanfy. It was a one day event where we gathered to create some useful mobile apps and have some fun :).

First stage of our mini hackathon was ideas pitch. During one week everybody could put their idea on the board and than present it to the team. After that we formed in teams around ideas which got most support.

We had 8 hours to organise in teams, discuss app concept, agree on features for minimal viable product, come up with nice UI and design, program everything and as a result present working application at the end of the day.

We worked on two projects:

adding cool new features to BiteHippo iPad app, super simple iPad todo list
application with easy access to Stanfy’s contacts + other useful features for ourselves
As a result we did updated BiteHippo with 4 new features and submitted it to the AppStore. Second task turned out to be more complicated so we are planning continue to work on it next time.
I really enjoyed our first mini hackathon, our team and atmosphere we had! Hope we will gather again! 🙂