First SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup

October 30, 2013

Recently, we have conducted our first meetup with SF Mobile Entrepreneurs community. It took us weeks of preparation and a lot of courage to plan and execute the whole thing, but at the end of the day we were thrilled with the great turnout at the event. Over 50 mobile enthusiasts joined us that evening to listen to the presentation of three committed mobile entrepreneurs – Bob Dana (Tripshare), Shaan Puri (The Monkey Inferno), and Dave Hunkins (Sumry).

Bob Dana, who has great experience in consumer travel, strategy, capital raising, elaborated on Tripshare’s ups and downs in spending $1.2 M on the development of a mobile travel app. Inspired with a quote of Winston Churchill, who must have launched a tech startup or two, who said: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”, Bob continues the hard work and experiments with Tripshare iPad app. Their iPhone and web apps are also coming out pretty soon. Check out details of Bob’s presentations on mobile startups does and don’ts here.

Shaan Puri is a rather young entrepreneur with a great success record. He joined The Monkey Inferno as product manager not so long ago and worked his way up to become the CEO of the 22 person idea lab by the age of 24. By the way, at The Monkey Inferno they experiment a lot with new ideas, even the crazy ones. Shaan says that on average they usually expect only 1 out of 4 ideas to become successful. The big question is ‘which one?’ That’s why they are always open for new projects. Using the case of their mobile app Beer Hunt iPhone app, Shaan shared some very interesting points they’ve learned along the way.

Dave Hunkins energized the audience with an interactive presentation of Sumry Android app. Not only got we a chance to hear the story behind it, but Dave also picked our brains on the tech challenges his team faced. They are going to have a big iPhone app launch soon, so keep your eyes open! Сheck out more details here!

Here are a couple of takeaways I’d like to highlight in particular:

“Get user feedback as soon as possible and launch at every opportunity.”
~ Dave Hunkins, Sumry

“You don’t always have to be right. You will often be wrong. Make sure to create a culture of defining success before you actually do anything.”
~ Shaan Puri, the Monkey Inferno

“First you’re excited, then you’re not, and if you stick with it, you just might make it work. It could take years. But you may fail too, you never know until you do it.”
~ Bob Dana, Tripshare

As we got a lot of positive feedback afterwords, we’ll keep this thing going 🙂 Our next meetup is scheduled for the early December. Stay tuned!

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