Convergence Of Tablets, Mobile And TV (#SMWF 2012)

April 7, 2012

The most discussed topic in social networks now is that we watch on TV. People now more and more tend to socialize their TV experience not only after the show but just during it. According to Nielsen, over half of the population already accesses the internet while watching TV, rising to 68% and 70% among smartphone and tablet owners.

What else people can do while watching television? Pretty much a lot with such services like Zeebox, IntoNow, Shazam or TV Check. Second screen apps have continued their push into the living room. Watching TV used to be a passive activity, but now the web and mobile devices have made it interactive.

What can second screen do for TV?

  • discovery and recommend content;
  • gives more information about what you’re watching;
  • lets buy and download relevant stuff;
  • socialize – it knows what you’re watching right now, shows what your friends are watching.


Simon Miller, CTO of Zeebox, mentioned that second screen this is the place to develops TV community and also the source of rich, detailed insights for viewers and partners. As advertiser or channel you know exactly your audience and see each interactions, as a viewer you get personalised TV recommendations based on you preferences and social buzz.

Today Zeebox accounts for 300 000 unique users, 40% of them uses Zeebox from iPad, 40% from mobile (iPhone, Android) and only 20% from web.

Zeebox provides APIs for all partners which allows to build show branding apps with customised content and commerce focuses. They already launched apps for “Desperate Scousewives”, “Go to Dance”, “Brit Awards 2012”. Around 24% of users clicking on iTunes products, which promoted on Zeebox during the show, more than 50% clicking zeetags (gives information on anything you see on screen) and around 6.5 pages are viewed per visit.

TV Check

David Nahmani, Orange, highlighted how brands and marketers can harness the changes in TV consumption by using of the second screen. He cited several examples of how they implemented second screen service with their TV Check platform.

TV Check allows to socialize around programs through iPhone app, to interact with TV programs, engage with brands and get recommendations and exclusive content.

Orange creates bespoke experiences for brands running TV campaigns who are seeking to maximize this investment through digital engagement. They used TV Check at “Les Anges de la télé réalité”, “DirectStar sur Seine” shows and during Orange Christmas campaign where for checkins, likes badges and tweets users got free tickets, special offers and discounts.


Another example of how brands and marketers can harness the changes in TV consumption by using of the second screen is Shazam Social TV.

Shazam is top 10 most downloaded app on iTunes with 180M users since launch, 8% of them go on to purchase and made >6M tags per day.

Shazam enables its users to interact with TV by turning Shazam during advertisement. Application listens audio from TV and brings customized and engaging content which can link to the mobile web or an integrated rich media experience.

This year the 24 ads at The Superbowl were shazam-enabled. Experiences from Shazam included sweepstakes, special offers, social engagement, and easy access to more information. Music’s biggest night, Grammy 2012, was also Shazam-enabled and let fans experience more of their favorite artists, give access to list of nominees and live-updated performances, with links to buy their music.

At the end, few takeaways from Social TV panel with speakers from Zeebox, Orange, LG, Samsung:

  • social networks make people watch more and for content providers and channels creates new opportunities for monetization, user retention and acquisition;
  • second screen should be more fun, simple and engaging than useful. Proven techniques – games (special iOS/Android apps), surveys, pools, more content etc. – What drives viewers – “I want to broadcast, buy or save time/money”.

By Anna Iurchenko