BiteHippo – Very Simple To-Do List for iPad

March 4, 2013

What is BiteHippo?

Main idea behind BiteHippo is to provide a simple, text-based to-do list where you can create and manage your daily routine in one-two taps. It is much more friendlier and easier than any other iPad to-do app you could find in the App Store. BiteHippo doesn’t have settings, cluttered tasks forms and overloaded interface. All lists are neatly presented on one page and task management based on gestures or via a dedicated keyboard row.

Create a new task with just one tap, prioritise tasks with simple drag and drop, check off completed tasks with a swipe, apply color to set task priority, paste text from clipboard as multiply tasks.

Download BiteHippo for free in AppStore.

Story behind BiteHippo

BiteHippo was created during several weekends in Stanfy in attempt to fill in the gap of simple text-based to-do lists for iPad.  First version was released last year and during Mini Hackathon in February we decided to improve app with the couple of the new features.

Why does it have such a weird name?

Usually we are breaking projects down into simple, achievable steps, writing down to-do lists and then prioritise tasks. BiteHippo helps you to bite your tasks off the to-do list! 🙂

What do iPad users think about BiteHippo?

Here are some reviews we got in the App Store so far… except ours :)… iPad users really share our vision of creating simple and intuitive todo list.

Lists without labor. – This is simple smart paper for creating and managing todo lists.

Simplest – I just wanted some way to write lists I could change the order of. I had lists of songs I wanted to learn, 4 or 5 lists that I’d want to constantly edit. This answered my prayers, easy to change the order of items in the lists or move items between lists, very basic, but all you need from a list editor.

Love it! – It’s a very simple alternative to Note Tasks or Task Paper, and for some reason friendlier than both – probably because it’s so simple. It’s the perfect place to jot stuff for later ‘serious’ scheduling.

Will appreciate your reviews in App Store.