Best Practices of Social Media Strategy From KLM And Four Seasons (#SMWF 2012)

April 7, 2012

Social media channels can be used for everything from customer acquisition and brand building, to reputation monitoring and PR crisis management.

Gert Wim ter Haar, Social Hub Manager at KLM, and Elizabeth Pizzinato, SVP, Marketing and Communications, Four Seasons, has shared their insights of how transform social media from a marketing add-on, to an effective, measurable communications strategy.

Below some findings from their experience, which I have learnt at SMWF.

  • Focus on local content and conversations: KLM offering it social services in English, Dutch and Spanish. Four Seasons creates separate FB and Twitter accounts for each hotel (82 twitter accounts, 80 pages on FB). Such approach allows interact with customers on the local level and to be more relevant;
  • High responsiveness: KLM handling 24/7 customer service on Twitter and FB and responding within 23 minutes;
  • Create social media training program for staff;
  • Personal assistance;
  • Complaints create opportunities to improve you service and build loyalty;
  • Platforms (Four Seasons) – pinterest, instagramm, g+, tumbrl;
  • Tools (KLM) – Radian 6, Sales Force, Web Trends;
  • Listen to your customer and their conversations;
  • Interact – join the conversation, develop deeper connections;
  • React – refine your product and service offering based on feedback;
  • Sell – fully integrate social media in your promotion and marketing campaigns.

Really recommend you to watch cases from KLM on YouTube. They are creative, engaging and what is important, really useful for customers.
By Anna Iurchenko