August 2013: The Future Of iOS And Android Common Myths About Android And Many More…

August 30, 2013

The summer’s over and it’s time to get the business ball rolling. We decided to dedicate this newsletter to the announcements and prognosis: we want you to be prepared for the new business season.

So, let’s see what helpful you will find here: predictions on the future of iOS and Android; big launches from Apple next month; tips for optimization of your app marketing. And, of course, some great updates from Stanfy: research about Organic in mobile – what and where to eat, to shop and to go; article is disclosing the major myths about Android and development story about RealPixels app.

Intellectsoft News

Organic In Mobile: The Case Study

Organic became the hot topic several years ago, and it already entered mobile world. We’ve explored apps for discovering organic foods and goods, locating organic markets, recipes and places to go out. Check the results of our investigation in the blog post!

Common Myths About Android

Is Android platform a good choice for your business? Since Android became really big, every entrepreneur asked this question. We went through the most common misconceptions and found out which of them are true.

RealPixels: App Development Story

We’ve made a really simple and useful product for mobile designers. As the creation story is pretty interesting, we decided to publish all the product development stages at Check it out! We made really cool images for it!

Industry News

On The Future Of iOS And Android

Steve Cheney, technologist and entrepreneur, shared his prognosis regarding iOS and Android. Some of his thoughts: platform wars are becoming non-mobile, where Android is seem to become a winning open-source platform. Power saving becomes essential with the new bigger screens and higher productivity. In this context iOS 7 hits the goal with loads of features for power efficacy. All 10 trends really worth reading.

What Users Actually Do On iPhones and iPads

Have you ever thought that Value Shoppers are more likely to use iPhones, while Pet Owners tend to iPads? This is one of the conclusions from Flurry Analytics report, as well as users allocation in time – iPads for the evening, iPhones for the late night:

Next Month Launches From Apple

The company is planning to release 2 smartphones next month: an enhanced version of iPhone 5, called 5s, and – the most surprising – the low-cost version, iPhone 5c. Experts already prognose smartphones market shake-out. Also, AppStore introduces Kids category, so probably Games section will significantly change. All these changes will be disclosed on Sept 10th at Apple special event.

How To Optimize Your Application Marketing?

Success at the app marketplace depends on many factors, and one of the major ones is your marketing efforts. Chad Mureta, successful app entrepreneur, opens in his article several secret tips of internal and external marketing and describes A/B Testing techniques. So, even if your app marketing is bright and effective, there are always room for improvements!

Events in September:

  • TechCrunch Disrupt SF – legendary tech conference, September 7-11, San Francisco
  • Apple Special Event – rumored launch of new iPhones, September 10
  • GeekWire Summit – biggest tech event on the Northwest, September 12, Seattle

We hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

By Anna Iurchenko