App Design Trends Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

August 19, 2014

The new fashion season is coming soon, so why not review current trends in app design as well, right? There are 10 main trends that we consider important to follow during this autumn and winter. They are popular today and we do believe this popularity will keep growing at least until the end of 2014.

1. Content first

It is still necessary for developers to focus all their efforts on simple, clean and clear content presentation, without any distracting elements.

NYTimes – Breaking News Android App

2.  “Fonts with personality”

Using a “font with personality” is one of the simplest ways to add a little uniqueness to the design of your app. However, to find some truly new fonts is one of the hardest things. Nevertheless, if you want to be trendy, in the very near future you have to seek out some unique fonts or review those that are already used in the design of your application.

Weather App on Bahance

3.  Simple color schemes

Very simple color schemes (really, only one or two colors!) are what’s in these days. White, black, and just an accent of another color, such as red or blue, are popular color schemes now.

TuneIn Radio Android App

4. “Instagrammy” shots

People trust pics that look like they were shot with a friend’s iPhone and posted online. In the coming months, we will see more images with color overlays, blur, or other things similar to popular Instagram filters that add an antique and rustic feel.

Make Me Fit Please UI/UX on Bahance

5.  Oversized images

It is essential to use oversized images, buttons, icons or other objects in the app design. You wonder why? Just because large buttons are better for finger tapping, are not they?


6.  Flat UI

Complete and total simplicity, a lot of white space and smooth colors etc. — all that make UI flat — are going to be among the top web and app design trends this season.

Sleep Control on Bahance

7. Theming

Users always desire customization. Now designers struggle to satisfy this desire by implementing theming into app design. This means that users can choose color schemes for their apps based on their own preferences. Today some developers offer only “light” and “dark” color schemes. However, other predicts that color scheme will even be automatically correlated with the specific hardware color.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone – Calendar and Reminders

8.  Fewer clicks

If it is impossible to make something essential in your app in a few clicks — you will lose your potential users. Swift and simple interactions are tremendously crucial for trendy UI.

Clean Master Phone Boost Android App

9.  Minimal icons

Naturally, minimal icons perfectly fit into flat UI too. Overall, it makes your app design easily “digestible” by potential users.

Coffee Ordering App on Bahance

10. Parallax scrolling

Parallax has been evolving in web design, and will definitely continue to do so until the end of 2014 and maybe even further. Obviously, it will be crucial for apps design as well, if used in an appropriate manner.

An example of parallax motion in app design

So, regardless of whether we want it on not, these are app design trends that we are going to experience today and in the near future. We do not encourage you to follow them blindly trying to completely refresh your app design (if you have one) asap. Just use this review to be inspired, informed and, well, trendy! 🙂

Read in one of our next posts about the trendiest colors for app design that will be actual till the end of this and beginning of the next year!