AI, Enterprise Software: Benefits for Business

March 30, 2017

Solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) are rapidly entering the business environment as one more kind of enterprise software. According to a report, 82% of respondents said their organization will be using AI in 2017, with 11% stating they were strongly considering deploying the technology. Business embraces AI-based solutions more confidently and quickly than AR and VR, as it hinges on algorithms that aim for predictability, automation, and constant self-learning. Therefore, an increasing number of companies across all industries welcome the technology into their enterprise with arms outstretched — from country-wide organizations like the NHS to retail giant Alibaba.

AI-based Enterprise Software in Healthcare — NHS

The healthcare industry heavily relies on technology, and software is not an exception — enterprise mobile trends are as important to the health sector as they are to any other major industry.

Case in point: British public health services organization, the NHS (National Health Services), is currently testing an AI-based chatbot on 111 non-emergency hotlines. The trial period started in January 2017 and will go on for six months. The enterprise mobile service is being offered to 1.2 million North Londoners.

Users download the app and send their symptoms in text messages. In turn, the AI-based chatbot consults a vast medical database, delivering tailored responses as of the user’s case. In the process, AI-based algorithms also analyse the urgency of a situation: if it’s high, the bot will tell the patient to schedule an appointment or ask them to go to the Accident & Emergency room.

machine learning chatbots

Benefits of Enterprise Software AI

This healthcare software is a major effort to merge enterprise mobile solutions and healthcare services to make the industry more modern and digital.

The NHS is expecting the app to reduce the working pressure through wintertime, but the organization can count on a more effective output.

Benefits for NHS include:

  • Better customer experiences: interactions with the hotline have become simpler and faster.
  • Reduced operational costs: the bot will replace many support managers and save communication costs.
  • Data gathering: the chatbot gathers information that can be used in medical statistics.

AI-based Enterprise Software in Retail — Alibaba and Didi

The collaborative power of the latest software and technologies is set to secure a bright future for the retail industry.

For example, “Scanning your face credentials” is not something you can expect to hear your smartphone tell you, but Face++, a Chinese startup valued almost $1 billion, already offers their AI-based face recognition to big companies.

The software is used in popular apps: Alipay, a mobile payment app with over 120 million users, and Didi, China’s biggest ride-hailing company. In the first case, a smartphone scans a user’s face to secure a transaction, in the second, Face++ enterprise software checks if the person behind the wheel is a legitimate Didi driver (as there are unauthorised ways to become one in the country): it requires the person that is being scanned to move their head or speak while the app is scanning them.

artificial intelligence face recognition

Looking from a different perspective, Face++ uses the technology in their office, too. This puts AI-based enterprise software into the list of enterprise mobility trends, as it will largely improve the enterprise environment. Here, machine learning algorithms scan a person’s face from 83 different angles, allowing them to perform an action.

Benefits of enterprise software AI

  • High level of enterprise mobile security and security in general
  • Faster user experience: minimum action required from a user
  • Dependability
  • Mobility of corporate data: “face credentials” can be used in any company office

AI is likely to become a highly sought after technology for many businesses, regardless of their industry. Next week we will bring you more examples of how AI is transforming the tech-market in the entertainment, client retention, and more.

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