The Absolute Guide to Finding App Developers, p. 1

May 15, 2017

Finding the right app developers for a software project is an exceptionally elaborate and time consuming procedure. There’s an immense amount of app development companies and software developers of any scale out there, and they all will promise to do a lot for your project. Still, if a business wants to achieve success with software and end up with a well-built, scalable solution that appeals to its users, it needs to scout app developers that will cater to their every need within the set time and budget. This demands nothing short of a rigorous research.

Fortunately, whether you are looking for several app developers to complement an existing team for an ongoing project, a dedicated app development team, or a custom app development company to build software from the ground up—there is a wide array of options for every case.

Finding app developers — Dedicated websites

Across the web, a number of known platforms connect businesses with app developers. Their backbone consists of lists and ratings of software development companies, which include all the essential information: profile, cases studies, reviews, hourly rates, average project budget, and more. In addition, they serve as hubs for app developers, where you can browse through and participate in forum discussions for unexaggerated reviews, insights, and other useful information.

If a company has the top spot in Google, it doesn’t mean they are established app developers. They just might be putting in a lot effort into SEO.

Such websites serve as a solid replacement for the standard web search as well as a good starting point: they are straight to the point, presenting you nothing other than app developers. On top of that, these websites might include project boards — a separate section where you can place your project’s details and wait for developers to approach you with offers of their services.

At the very least, these types of websites will help you compile a list of app developers for preliminary selection. At most—you will find whoever you need: a single app developer, an app development team, or a mobile app development company. Business of Apps and App Futura are a great place to start.

Finding app developers — IT consulting companies

Some IT consulting firms have websites akin to the aforementioned platforms, but they offer more information in company profiles—statistics, first-hand reviews, interviews and quotes from key company executives, and other valuable information. With their aid, you will be able to find a dedicated team or a custom mobile app developer anywhere in the world. Such consulting companies include the US-based

On the other side of this coin are big, long-established companies from the Big Four, like Deloitte. Since IT is an immense industry that only keeps growing, they also provide app development company ratings. As you would expect, these ratings are well-researched, hence reliable.

Finding app developers — Referrals

Despite a rich variety of lists and ratings, using them might become overwhelming. There’s an immense number of mobile app developers and software development companies around the world for any project; a lot of them seem to have a solid reputation, descriptive case studies, beautiful and promising websites, and more. Picking out the top ten or five, let alone one app developer, can prove to be a time consuming endeavor.

Referrals are the most reliable option — you get to know everything you need about a company from someone with first-hand experience.

Since we live in a highly sociable society where communication is swift and easy, asking around your business network — friends, past and present colleagues, as well as business acquaintances — is a sound shortcut.

First, most of the businesses today need software, whether it’s a sports app for a top league team or an enterprise application for a company’s internal environment; therefore, there’s a very high chance someone you know (a startup owner or a person working for a big company) has worked with a software development company.  

Second, you will acquire hands-on information about a software company or an app developer: pros, cons, nuances, pricing, and more. Consequently, you will be prepared for everything.

Finally, you will simply save time and be able to start your project earlier.

Nextweb also urges businesses to use LinkedIn to contact people in middle and top positions in big companies who have dealt with software development companies up close. You can simply explain that you want to find dependable developers and offer a fee for their help. Since they already have the information there will be no reason for them to ignore your offer.

Alternative options for finding app developers

According to Forbes, if you are looking for an app developer to add to a team, LinkedIn and Upwork may help as much as they help filling employees for any other position. The former is still the largest business social media network that’s used by every professional, including app developers; while the later remains the best freelance website around. Importantly, it is better to have an app developer among your acquaintances to check the code of a person or team you want to hire for quality and consistency.

Going forward, every year is filled with IT-related events and tech conferences where you can meet many app developers and custom software development companies within several days, conversing with them or their representatives about your project plans in detail, face to face.

As every smartphone user has their favorite apps they use daily, one more option opens up: reach out to the companies who developed the apps you think stand out and are generally well-made. You are already familiar with their app development capabilities and you can find the company name in the app stores.

Finally, if you need an app developer or an app development team quickly and on flexible conditions, IT staffing or dedicated teams are your best options. You can turn straight to IT staffing companies, who, for example, can help you find a skilled app developer for a certain period of time and along the budget limitations. Similarly, you may to turn to established software development companies, as some of them offer dedicated teams and IT staffing services.

If your project can’t wait any longer, get in touch with us to receive a quote, and begin developing your app right away.