7 Talks You Don’t Want to Miss at Collision 2016

Anybody who is anyone has descended on New Orleans for the four day tech extravaganza we know as Collision. Between two weekends of renowned jazz festivals, The Big Easy serves as a rendezvous for the whole web ecosystem. Whether it’s code or content, design or data, social media or security – Collision is where you’ll find the latest thinking from pioneers and industry leaders.

Here at Intellectsoft we wouldn’t dream of missing out on the action. Here are some of the talks we are most excited about for Tuesday and Wednesday (April 27-28th, 2016):

AppOps Live: Tiptoeing Into Continuous Deployment

Apr 27 — 2:15 pm || Builders Stage ||  Bryan Liles (Cloud Engineer, DigitalOcean)

Bryan will be speaking about the wonders of continuous deployment and integration – something we’ve supported enthusiastically here at Intellectsoft.

DigitalOcean has been shaking up the cloud world for some time now, with recent news of the cloud infrastructure provider partnering up with GitLab to offer free hosting. With a reported growth of 20K new customers a month, DigitalOcean has begun to claw at the heels of cloud giants Amazon and Microsoft.

Data Science, Apps and Civic Responsibility

Apr 27 — 3:30 pm || Center Stage || Dan Wagner (Founder & CEO, Civis Analytics), Tyrone Grandison (Deputy Chief Data Officer, ‎U.S. Department of Commerce), Matt Mahan (Co-Founder & CEO, Brigade), Rebecca Blumenstein (Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street Journal)

Chicago company Civis was founded by Dan Wagner, former chief Chief Analytics Officer on the 2012 Obama campaign, with the idea to bring his data science savvy to the greater public. We’re interested to hear what this meeting of minds could tell us about how big data solutions could be leveraged for the betterment of society.

VR Storytelling

Apr 28 — 10:50 am || Center Stage || David Eun (President, Samsung Electronics, Global Innovation Center), Marc Mathieu (CMO, Samsung Electronics America), Jacques Méthé (President, Cirque du Soleil Media), Steven Bertoni (Senior Editor, Forbes)

Cirque du Soleil and Samsung combine their forces to tell us about the use of virtual reality in storytelling. We’ll be honest here. We’re just big fans of Cirque du Soleil and this is sure to be a feast for the eyes.

Mobile’s Next Evolution

Apr 28 — 11:35 am || Center Stage || Carl Pei (Co-Founder, OnePlus), Randall Lane (Editor, Forbes)

This talk questions the need for customers to commit to multi-year contracts with mobile phone plan providers to gain access to the latest and best mobile devices. OnePlus 3 is set to arrive within the next few months and has already generated plenty of buzz in the mobile space due to its purported 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 820 chipset. So this could be pretty interesting.

The Connected Startup

Apr 28 — 12:55 pm || Startup University Stage || Rob Coneybeer (Managing Director & Co-Founder, Shasta Ventures), Andra Keay (Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics), Robert Scoble (Media, Scobleizer)

What are some of the IoT opportunities for startups looking to scale up? Scoble, Keay, and Coneybeer will hopefully be telling us all about what’s out there for IoT innovators – from the viewpoint of a VC, hardware developer and respected tech blogger.

AI: Can We Get All the Pros With None of the Cons?

Apr 28 — 2:55 pm || Center Stage || Stephen Wolfram (Founder, Wolfram Research), Steven Levy (Editor-in-Chief, Backchannel)

What does the future hold for Artificial Intelligence? You’ve read the same opinion pieces as us, expressing concern over our imminent robot dystopia but just how worried should we be? The frighteningly brilliant Stephen Wolfram and Steven Levy, Editor-in-Chief of Backchannel, explore the concept of intelligence and how developing AI, robotics and automation can lead to unexpected results.

Communities of Creators

Apr 28 — 3:40 pm || Center Stage || Miguel McKelvey (Co-Founder, WeWork), Laurie Segall (Senior Technology Correspondent, CNN)

This list wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to our friends at WeWork as Intellectsoft’s New York offices are housed at one of their locations. The story of the phenomenal rise of this shared-workspace pioneered is well established by now. We’re stoked to hear what Miguel McKelvey has to share about globally-connected communities of creators.

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