1st Part Of QuickStart Android Workshop: How It Would Be

April 29, 2013

Soon our developers will rock the international HOTCODE conference. Our Android team is going to stand out with their unique workshop on developing the app from 0 to 100% in only 4 hours for Android beginners.

One of our leading Android developers, Vlad Lipskiy, took the lid off about how it’s gonna be.

The workshop is divided into 4 sections, one per hour. My section is the first one: introduction to Android and first steps. Theoretic part would take about 15 mins. I’m going to speak about how to start, first pitfalls, SDK, settings and major tools.

Then participants will start practicing and will create their first app; in an hour it would transform into the real app, which would perform 1-2 simple features. Hope I will help people start with Android and enjoy this process.

Starting section consists of the theoretical part, questions and answers, task description, implementation instructions, then task performance and evaluation, and, finally, participants rating.

Three other parts of workshop are dedicated to:

  • Basic components and  their interactions – app will be updated to several screens, interacting with each other;
  • Graphic elements and fragments – app will have design;
  • Working with server data and API – app will be connected to server.

After each part participants will add features for their app and raise its complexity – that the workshop’s special trill.

Preparation for workshop is a teamwork of Stanfy Android Unit, so we hope HOTCODE will be impressed with it.