Idea Analysis & Support

We help start-ups and small businesses to realize the vast range of opportunities in the mobile space and build the applications according to the specific needs of their end users. At the very first stage our experts perform the analysis to check your idea in terms of compatibility with reality. We offer small business mobile app development services that result in fully-fledged packages ready to be presented to your future investors.


We start with analysis of the competitive environment and users’ needs, and together with you come to understand what kind of mobile app needs to be created to be successful. At the end of the process you will have a much more confident overview of the mobile market and the possible way your idea can be implemented through small business app development.

Mobile App Development, Responsive Web

Over 100 projects for startups and smb have been successfully created by our developers within the last 5 years. We build native mobile apps for all the existent platforms and also develop hybrid applications. Moreover, we create websites and the mobile versions to them to promote their responsive capabilities.

Web Development

We create stand-alone web solutions on different platforms, including high-load enterprise web applications, Big Data, parallel data processing. We specialize in complex web systems, apps management and the most comprehensive back-end development.


Comprehensive project analysis, high speed, discipline, staged processes and modern solutions are components that help achieve perfect results in small business app development. Companies like Daval International, NBT, LMA have all benefited from partnering with us.

Game Development

Fast development in mobile technology has significantly increased the revenue rates in the gambling industry. This fact proves that mobile is the future of betting. Our game development service includes customized mobile game development for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone mobile platforms.

Mobile Marketing

Leader in small business mobile app development provides you with bespoke marketing strategies that will immensely increase the visibility of your app, foster clients’ engagement and help your ingenious ideas top the charts of mobile apps. Users will not know that your amazing app is out there unless you inform them and build a sustained demand for it.