Excellence in iPad Application Development

We don’t just provide top quality iPad app development services, but we also make iPad applications way better than other companies. Our team have consistently demonstrated the highest standards in every solution we have delivered since 2007.

At Intellectsoft, your ideas in tandem with our powerful experience, compose a great momentum to build an efficient, sophisticated, and beautiful solution with an aesthetic iPad app design that perfectly matches the needs of your targeted users. This is our craft.

*Investors can typically orient themselves on approx. $15k to build an App of reasonably high quality consisting of a feature set of medium complexity. The cost of Intellectsoft’s projects typically spans anywhere from $40k to $150k, with figures for more advanced Apps reaching more than $200k.
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Custom iPad Applications That Fit Your Brand

Crisp, elegant UI and efficient code: a fusion which forges apps that demonstrate the prowess of our designers and the skills of our iPad developers.

Why Choose Our iPad App Development Services?

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  • We love to work with businesses of ALL sizes, and we’ve developed custom apps with radically different goals: from productivity, to marketing, to gaming. With more than 250 solutions of supreme quality under our belt, we’ve got the resources to build the best possible iPad application for your users!
  • We know what we’re doing. Our experts offer invaluable insight on the latest market trends to help architect practical functionality and sculpt attractive graphics that sell!


  • We are regularly rated amongst the top iPad developers. Our portfolio shows an impressive scale of our expertise and the polished skills of our iPad app design team.
  • Land Rover, Ernst & Young, Nestle, and other big names have sought us out! They needed a company whose work could embody the elegance of their brands…they chose us!


  • Our project managers work with you on a personal level: we meet you where you are to analyze your needs and find YOUR solution.
  • We work together at every step so your app is exactly what you need!

Crafting Your Custom iPad Application...Together:

When you partner with Intellectsoft, your brand becomes our brand; your reputation becomes our reputation; and your users our users.

We are tried and true experts of iPad application development. Over and over we have demonstrated our skill, sculpting a powerful reputation of which we’re extremely proud. Since our founding in 2007, we have released more than 250 custom apps of superior quality. Our solutions maximize iOS functionality while remaining intuitive to the end user, creating a perfect storm of Apptitude.