BlackBerry Development

BlackBerry OS was launched in January 1999 and has been the most favorable and popular mobile platform for the corporate world ever since. This multi-tasking platform designed and developed by Research In Motion is famed for smooth support for Lotus Domino or Novell GroupWise email via MIDP 1.0 and, more recently, a subset of MIDP 2.0; possibility to connect with other messaging; complete synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts, when used with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Also BlackBerry supports WAP 1.2.

The RIM Company has been dominating the market of corporate smartphones for quite a long time. Its BlackBerrys have gained the reputation of the most secure, reliable and convenient devices for business. Even Barack Obama has a BlackBerry and appreciates it above all other smartphones.

These days the iconic company has faced certain difficulties competing in North America with flashier, more users-oriented phones such as Apple’s iPhone and devices running Google’s Android. Even though BlackBerry didn’t top OS market chart in 2011 and is hardly going to in 2013, it still in spite of all the rumors confidently holds its fourth place with 7% of market share and the Windows Phone platform strolling behind.

Intellectsoft & BlackBerry Application Development

Take a look at our BlackBerry applications to make sure we are tough professionals.

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Our BlackBerry Applications portfolio depicts an impressive history of deploying cutting-edge mobile applications that cater to diverse requirements and needs, which are not restricted to one domain.

Why us?

  1. 1We have been ranked as one of the top iPhone, Windows and Android app development companies by Best Web Design Agencies.
  2. 2We work with large companies like Guinness as well as smaller startup companies looking to create a brand in the industry.
  3. 3Complete transparency is the goal so our clients are clear about the work we have done.
  4. 4A refined development process is one of our biggest strengths. We are able to deal with any platform or technology.
  5. 5Free 6 month support plan for all clients. We will ensure that all questions and issues are resolved after your project is completed.

Intellectsoft’s BlackBerry Applications Development portfolio includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Client/Server
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Advertisement
  • Internet/Intranet-based

The BlackBerry devices support the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), allowing the developers to build applications in Java, thus enabling the Intellectsoft mobile development team to channelize their advanced object oriented programming skills towards steering innovation in BlackBerry mobile apps. BlackBerry Web Development environment supports such industry standard tools as Eclipse, Microsoft, and Visual Studio providing an opportunity to leverage solid web development competencies the Intellectsoft development team has to deploy the most innovative BlackBerry mobile applications.

Why Rely on Intellectsoft for BlackBerry Application Development?

Intellectsoft’s robust experience in enterprise and small business mobile development and deep professional knowledge facilitates delivering mobile applications that are feature-rich, highly scalable, and stocked with powerful multimedia.

Since the launch of BlackBerry App world, the Intellectsoft mobile development team has worked hard to master this highly specialized platform and find the most cutting-edge solutions for each and every BlackBerry application they worked on. Here, at Intellectsoft, we are passionate about high quality and strive to bring the very best expertise to all of the BlackBerry platform technologies.

Allow the BlackBerry development experts from Intellectsoft to guide you in revolutionizing the mobile presence in the corporate world. You can also request for a free quote or ask any questions that you may have, by filling the form below.