Big Data Studio

The term “big data” is tossed around so much, you might have grown numb to it. So you may not harness its power.

Your enterprise has immense data resources. To capitalize on them, you need more than standard reporting systems. Given the mix of structured and unstructured information, effective analysis now relies on powerful business intelligence and analytics, then, integrating the data into new business processes.

Intellectsoft’s big data lab will enable you to embrace agile BI and realize the value of data as a competitive and predictive tool.

Our team of big data scientists will help you mine and analyze your data effectively and efficiently by delivering expertise in:

Expertise in big data

  • Big data integrations with Cloudera, Cassandra or Hadoop
  • Use of sophisticated statistical algorithms
  • Analysis of high volume telemetry data
  • Web site analysis
  • User activity analysis
  • Stream data processing

Consult with a big data specialist about:

  • Reporting and analysis
  • Architecture creation and development
  • BI integration
  • BI support