Custom Android App Development

When Google runs the world, Android will reign supreme. So our advice: plan ahead. Fortunately for you, we know how to develop Android applications…we’re really good at it.

We don’t outsource, and we don’t exceed budget. We tirelessly explore and analyze until blueprinted an Android application solution that seamlessly reconciles your company’s demands with your users’ needs.

We fuse efficient code of our Android developers with crisp graphics to make sleek Android applications worthy of your brand. Practical and efficient: We make apps for humans.

*Investors can typically orient themselves on approx. $15k to build an App of reasonably high quality consisting of a feature set of medium complexity. The cost of Intellectsoft’s projects typically spans anywhere from $40k to $150k, with figures for more advanced Apps reaching more than $200k.
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Custom Android Applications That Fit Your Brand

Beautiful UI and polished coding: a powerful fusion that demonstrates the prowess of our graphic designers and the skills of our Android developers.

Why Choose Us to Develop Your Custom Android Application?

android app development


  • We love working with businesses of ANY size, designing apps across industries: from workflow management to marketing promotions. We have built our business on products of unflinchingly high quality!
  • Expert market insight gives us an edge to create innovative functionality and UI that sells.


  • We rank amongst the top developers of Android apps. We boast a powerful reputation backed by an epic portfolio.
  • Guinness,World of Tanks,Creative World, and other big names have sought to develop Android applications of elite quality: they chose us!


  • Our approachable project managers thoroughly analyze your needs to meet you where you are and keep the conversation open and the direction clear.
  • From idea analysis to product prototyping, we keep you involved at every step so your app is exactly what you need!

Building Your Android Application...Together:

Your project is our solution. Partnering with Intellectsoft makes your brand become our brand your users: our users. We will offer no solution that does not reflect the reputation of your brand or meet the high standards of ours.

We are expert Android developers. With competency, foundational experience, and innovative solutions, we’ve crafted a reputation that makes us proud. Our portfolio says it all: our apps maximize functionality while maintaining classy and intuitive UI.